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I am the Group Managing Director of OrgLearning Consult and Academies. OrgLearning is the parent company of Berkley Academy, Lagos, Juilliard Academy, Lagos, Drew-Phillips Academy in Enugu, and the OrgLearning Foundation.

Dr. Maria Raphael Onyia, a distinguished thought leader and senior figure in the field of education, is a Walden Scholar of Social Change, School Growth Strategist, Educational Leadership Consultant, and an award-winning Teacher Trainer.

With a Ph.D. in Educational Leadership and Administration from Walden University, she stands as a transformational leader and child advocate, recognized for her international philanthropic efforts. As the Group Managing Director of OrgLearning Consult, Dr. Onyia oversees the administration of prominent institutions such as Berkley Academy in Lagos, Juilliard Art Magnet Academy in Magodo-Lagos, and Drew Philips Tech Magnet Academy in Enugu. Her influence extends beyond the boardroom, as she founded Lift-her Nigeria, Orglearning Foundation, and several other impactful projects.

With over 25 years of experience as an IAPM certified Senior Project Manager, Dr. Onyia has demonstrated her prowess in initiating, establishing, and managing K-12 international standard schools. 

Her role in overseeing the development of Berkley Academy, Juilliard Academy, and Drew-Philips Academy exemplifies her comprehensive expertise—from construction and school design to curriculum development, recruitment, and growth strategies.

Beyond her role in project management, Dr. Onyia is the convener of the Unleash Women Empowerment Conference and the Alpha Girls Conference, showcasing her commitment to empowering women and young adults. Her speaking engagements have had a profound impact, driving transformation and growth among countless individuals.

Recognized as the winner of the Walden Scholar of Positive Social Change in 2017, Dr. Onyia ensures that her commitment to education extends to disadvantaged students, providing top-quality free education at her high-end academies. Her influence also extends to the business sector, where she has played a pivotal role in helping women and young adults develop and grow their businesses through conferences like Alpha Girl and LiftHer.

In addition to her doctorate degree, Dr. Onyia holds a Master’s degree in Education from National University, Costa Mesa, and possesses California Teaching Credentials in General Education and Special Education. Her specialized reading credential and expertise in research, curriculum development, and communication contribute to the success, high levels of student achievement, and staff retention across all her educational ventures. 
Dr. Maria Raphael Onyia stands as a beacon of educational excellence, positive social change, and empowerment.

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